Thursday, 11 June 2009

First Thoughts

I feel that the first words on my brand new blog should be somewhat profound, but at 12:01am on the day before I leave the country, I think you must banish all such expectations. This whole blog thing is all quite new to me (I'm always several years behind everyone else in catching onto these things), as is the general practice of "thinking aloud". Though it's actually quite a poor title, because probably these words will pass from my head, through cyber space and into yours without ever being expressed 'aloud'.
I'm also anticipating the dilemma I'm going to have in Rwanda when I sit down to write an email to someone, and wonder whether it shouldn't be posted in blog form instead. People are going to be surprised when an hour or so after they've recieved an email from me they find a minimally edited version on here. Or I'm going to write a blog and then just copy and paste it into the email to save myself just repeating everything in paraphrased form in the email. How do people deal with these kinds of problems?
Well, I'm going to leave it at this for now, but you'll probably be 'hearing' from me soon when I blog again (and/or recieving an exact replica in email format).

Take care.


  1. Hey, what an attractive blogsite! As might have been expected.
    I started reading it aloud, but then I thought, sometimes I thinks aloud; but most times I jus' thinks.
    Why not just send an email to everyone from Rwanda telling them there's a new post on your site? Could do that to avoid repeating general news, and only add personal comments to the email.
    Anyway, we'll look forward to following your progress, whether by blog or by email or by Skype!

  2. yay jen! woot! jen has a blog!

  3. Great blog! Amazing banner! :P
    Praying for you in Rwanda!
    Speak to you soon Jen.

  4. I agree with Ilkuul. From experience (as you found my Rwanda blog :); write the more general stuff in the blog, especial stories and how your experiences are shaping your thinking and your relationship with God. Refer to those in your emails, but there will be so many other things to write about personally; experiences and thoughts that will only be meaningful to specific people, then write those in an email. Just a thought... -Ben